• 7 months ago


COVID-19 as a global pandemic is leaving a very great impression on the world. When we do our stocktaking, the world will generally fall into these three classes of people:

For the purpose of this discuss, I will call the first class of people the "direct hit." These are people who got infected and were killed by COVID-19.

The next class of people are the "near misses." These are people who got infected by COVID-19, were isolated & treated, recovered fully and have reunited with their loved ones. This class also includes people who lost their loved ones and their means of livelihood.

The third class of people are the "remote misses." These are the people who heard in the news and saw the virus - COVID-19 - in action. They are greatly impacted by the various government imposed restrictions and guidelines. They also experienced a number of inconveniences and setbacks.

When all is said and done, the world will see the emergence of these classes of people. What should you do as a leader? Whichever class of this two - near misses or remote misses - divide you fall, show empathy to others and appreciation for where you are. It could have been worse.